CSI Bishop Booked for Cheating, Forgery

May 4 2010

Cases under various sections of the IPC were booked against a CSI church bishop, his family members and private secretary following a complaint filed by member of a church alleging misappropriation of funds by them, police said today.

A metropolitan magistrate court had yesterday instructed the police to investigate into the complaint, filed by a member of St Peter's church in kolar gold fields, against the bishop, his wife, daughter and private secretary, police sources told PTI.

The complainant had alleged that the four have cheated Church of South India (CSI) to the tune of several lakhs by fabricating documents pertaining to the Bishop Cotton Boys' school and Bishop Cotton Girls' school.

It was charged that the bishop and his wife maintained a joint account in a bank and transferred funds from school accounts to their personal accounts. The alleged fraud has been going on since April 2002, according to the complainant.

"We have booked cases under cases ipc 406 (criminal breach of trust), 417, 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating) and 477 a (falsification of accounts) and are investigating into it", the sources said.

The two schools are among the city's oldest and controlled by central diocese of the CSI.


Bangalore Mirror reports:

Bishop gobbles school funds

Bishop Vasanth Kumar’s bank statements prove funds were transferred from school to his personal account

Bishop S Vasanth Kumar, who is facing a police inquiry following allegations that he has misused funds belonging to Bishop Cotton Boys and Girls School, has landed himself in soup. Just a day before he called an emergency meeting of the Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocese (KCD) to transfer heads of the institutions functioning under KCD, startling documents have surfaced indicting the Bishop of misusing funds to the tune of lakhs of rupees over a period of 5-6 years.

Following the complaint registered against the Bishop, Bangalore Mirror managed to obtain the Bishop’s personal bank account statements.

These statements indicate he has ‘misguided’ schools to transfer funds into his personal account instead of KCD’s official account.

The Bishop’s personal bank account statement issued by Vijaya Bank, Residency Road branch, for a period between April 2006 and October 2006 indicates Bishop Cotton Boys School had contributed Rs 4 lakh through its SB account no 6988 on May 2, 2006 to the Bishop’s personal account no 118401010017030.

KCD sources maintain the amount should have been remitted to KCD’s account (56133003164) with the State Bank of Saurashtra, Mission Road branch.

Apparently, the Bishop had used this Rs 4 lakh to dole out favours to some of his cronies and also pay his daughter’s credit card bills. This confirms the allegations made by I Sounderraj of St Peter’s Church in KGF who has filed a police complaint against the Bishop. It was Sounderraj who went to the magistrate’s court and lodged a private complaint against the Bishop.

Further, the court had directed the Cubbon Park police to register a case against the Bishop and investigate the matter.
According to sources, the Bishop had asked the girls’ school too to transfer funds to his personal account. Sources indicate the meeting called by the Bishop to transfer principals of these two schools may witness heated debates.

It is being said the Bishop is initiating action against principals to prevent them from handing over sensitive documents to the Cubbon Park police and spilling the beans about him.

It’s normal practice for institutions functioning under KCD to contribute some amount every year to the Bishop’s discretionary funds. But these funds should go to an authorised account of KCD, which will be audited every year.

The Bishop is answerable to KCD and duty-bound to show how he has used these funds. He cannot direct schools to transfer funds to his account.

According to sources, principals have the letters sent by the Bishop asking them to transfer funds to his personal account. If these letters are handed over to the police, the Bishop will be in deep trouble.


Anonymous said...

Fine,Fine.As an ex-student of KUTS,Trivandrum I am happy to read this.Send a printed copy to kuruvilla bishop.He is a master in making false documents.Thanks to savecsi.God of Abraham will bless you gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

There are every chances for our bishop to have such a situation.Only thing remaining is the day and also the time.

Anonymous said...

Billions of people in our world live on the edge of destitution, thousands of children die each day from hunger, and many more die from lack of access to affordable medicines.

The cry for justice and equity of the underprivileged drove you to harsh pronouncements against powerful, smug, content men, priests amd Bishop, that we understand. But what did you do to stop his/KP Kuruvilla's extravagence and unjust administration?
sneezing is good for nose but for dust we have to find another remedy. Rebecca Regi

Anonymous said...

As a colleague I know KP Kuruvilla very well. So the news is not unexpected news for people like me. He is greedy and trained in looting. Thanks to people who came forward to expose his real face to public.
He knows how to tackle and use students and other crooked people for his smug diplomatically. Beware of KPK ..... instead of Dog.... once again I appriciate your boldness. Friend of Justice

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