Dharna Against CSI Bishop: People have started to react

There was a dharna (held on 11-06-2010) at the CSI North Kerala Diocesan office by the members of CSI North Kerala Diocese against the illegal activities of the bishop. The bishop is involved in huge illegal money transactions, property deals and other illegal activities. To know more read the articles relating to The Thalikulam property deal, The cutting of teakwood trees at Vaniamkulam, selling of land in Wayanad and many more. Till date (13-06-2010), Bishop has not yet responded to any of the allegations against him. There are a dozen of both, civil and criminal cases against the Bishop in the courts of Kerala. Who is answerable to all this?

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Anonymous said...

dharna was a real warning to the criminal gang comprising of the kerala service criminal edapally,killer of teachers paul david and the mafia bishop kpk

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