Edinburgh 2010 calls for "accountable use of power structures" in the church

The  BBC gives you Breaking News with a difference this time. And that is in keeping with our larger goal of reform of the CSI even as we hold a corrupt and unrepentant Moderator to account.

The past week has seen the conclusion of a major event in recent Christian history. Edinburgh 2010 (June 2-6, 2010) was a global conclave held to mark the 100th anniversary of the World Missionary Conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1910. It is remarkable that a century ago more than 1200 delegates from major protestant denominations and missionary societies all across the world, including from India, met to discuss, among other things, the unification of the protestant church.

The 1910 conference laid the foundation for the formation of the National Missionary Council in India in 1914 which later became the National Christian Council of Churches.  The NCCC created Regional Christian Councils which led to discussions on whether the various protestant denominations had to remain divided. A few decades later these discussions culminated in the union of the Anglican, Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist church traditions to form the Church of South India in 1947.

If you did not hear about Edinburgh 2010, that is probably because the CSI lacks a sense of its own rich history. And many of the CSI bishops are so busy making money for themselves that even they probably did not hear about Edinburgh 2010! Or,  even if they did, they did not think it important enough to alert the churches in their diocese to enlighten their members about the significance of such a global once-in-a-century event as Edinburgh 2010. After all there are more pressing issues for corrupt CSI bishops to think about -- like how to make money from manipulating CSI school admissions, how to divert funds from CSI run schools into their own personal savings accounts and how to profit from dealing in church property. It’s a lot of hard and time-consuming work, you know!!.

It is significant that the Common Call to Mission issued in the run up to Edinburgh 2010 spoke of  delegates being “disturbed by asymmetries and imbalances of power that divide and trouble us in the church and world, we are called to repentance, to critical reflection on systems of power and to accountable use of power structures.” Do the words “repentance” “critical reflection” and “accountable use of power structures” mean anything at all to our Moderator Vasantha Kumar? We doubt it. There is little evidence he is "repentant", is in "critical reflection" mode or cares a hoot about "accountable use of power" despite all the mountain of evidence about his corrupt and immoral ways.

Here’s a report on the conclusion of Edinburgh 2010 for your own critical reflection http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/12335

And here’s news of how the conference itself ended in controversy 

For more information on the conference  check out the official website http://www.edinburgh2010.org/

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