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It is reliably learnt that the Supreme court of India has up held while disposing of SLP 10732 that the participation of some 16 voters from the CSI Thirunelvelli diocese in the CSI synod elections at Kuttalam on January 14, 2010 was not as per law. We are awaiting the full court judgment, which is yet to become public. Since VasanthaKumar, M M Philip, Devakaksham dispensation won the election by a meager eight votes. The ruling could effectively render the election null and void. Watch the space for more details.

Courtesy – Bishop Boycott Campaign, Bangalore


csipass puthiyara said...

same thing happened in puthiyara church elections.They simply added new members enrolled in december 09 in the voters list.Actually new members enrolled in september 09 only should come in the voters list.The bishop men offered so many jobs and positions to certain people and persuaded them to become church members.fee for church tax was met by the bishop"s henchmen.when this illegality was questioned the henchmen say that it is the authority of bishop! .we have already sent notice to the chairman prior to the commencement of court case.

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