The Court Strictures against Bishop Kuruvilla

In the case filed by Rev. Thomas John in the Sub court of Ottapalam (OS 145/10) against the action taken by Bishop of removing him from the Clergy Roll, the court ordered that the unilateral and arbitrary action taken by Bishop is not valid and that Rev. Thomas John should not be prevented from discharging his duties as a Presbyter of Church of South India. According to Rev. Thomas John, he was forced to approach the court in the context of a constant threat of more severe action by the bishop.

Rev. Thomas John is the former Head of the Department of Psychology in the Union Christian College, Aluva and former General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement of India. The court strictures are welcomed in the context of wide spread opposition to the bishop on account of this action and similar actions of vindictiveness. It is known that, though the bishop bases his action on a letter alleged to have been written by Rev. Thomas John, which Rev. John denies lock stalk and barrel, now he tries to raise all sorts of frivolous imputations for his action. The witch hunt has been going on since he was summarily relieved from the pastoral responsibility to the Holy Trinity C.S.I Church, Aluva on Ocotber 23, 2007 without showing any cause. The bishop seems to have no moral compunction and impunity in exercising his authority in such arbitrary fashion and without any sense of commitment to the constitution of CSI and natural justice.

The ecumenical leaders like Rev. Dr. K. C. Abraham, Rev. Prof. K. C. Mathew, Dr. C. T. Kurien, -- have condemned this action and they also welcomes this court verdict.


King David said...

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
St. John8:7

Unknown said...

I think, we still have a long fight.We should be ready for that.

Jaiprakash Raghaviah

Ajit K John said...

I think there is a mafia working against the Church Of South India.

laly Joseph said...

Yes a Mafia has managed to get into church authority and power by bribing. Authority and power is in wrong hands, which is really dangerous.

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