You are Like Whitewashed Tombs, Beautiful but full of uncleanness

A Letter to The Chief Editor of CSI Life

The Editor/Business Manager,
CSI Life, General Secretary,
CSI Centre, 5, Whiles Road,
Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014.

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the Article written by the Rt. Rev. Dr. K.P. Kuruvilla in the CSI Life for the month of July 2010.  (scanned pages are attached for your reference) What a beautiful Theology?

If all the theologians like K.P. Kuruvilla practices what they write and preach in their daily life, there might have been a great revolution in India.  What an inspiration he has made amongst the church, reverends and members?  What is his witness?  How many fraudulent dealings in the North Kerala diocese and how many precious properties have been sold with the support of his henchmen under his leadership?

Never in the history of the North Kerala diocese, were matters taken to streets like this.  How many Dharna’s in front of the diocese office?  How many press conferences regarding his illegal activities?  How many civil and criminal cases against him? How many false cases, he and his henchmen have filed against the folk?  Whoever seeks justice is eliminated from the church?  Record number of financial irregularities and record number of properties have been sold for meager rates which are far lower than the market value.  That means, huge amount of money has been swindled by he and his men.  The chief accountant who questioned his irregularities was sacked without notice.  Pastors or laymen who do not co-operate with his misdeeds are transferred or forced to resign or removed from their positions.  How much wealth has been amassed after he became Bishop.

The subscriber was a diocesan council member from Munnar District.  Along with several others, I requested the bishop to reveal the terms of the deal made on the leasing of a 3 story building which worth several crores.  Till date the shady deal is not made public and there is allegations of huge swindling of church money.  Without having the guts to face me in the diocesan council, he debarred me and several others from the church illegally.  Church is a democratic institution.  He has been undermining the democratically elected bodies and there is no transparency in his dealings whatsoever.  He is so arrogant and despot in nature.  How many lies and bluff in his affidavits to courts?

He is talking about justice, truth, love and prophetic witness?  Are these his prophetic witnesses?  He is known to be a proven liar and fraud. His life has no conformity with the word of God.  As editor of CSI life, you are supposed to know the activities or stature of the Bishops who write such articles in this reputed magazine.  I have seen several Bishops since my childhood.  I have felt the presence of God in them and during their preaching I have committed myself.  Now a days, when we hear about bishop Kuruvilla or Durai or see them, we hang our head in shame.  These people are acting like devil’s agents.  Their appearances in such reputed magazines is a disgrace for the whole church.

The Church history reveals several Bishops who were champions for the development of the communities or societies and they were role models for the believers and the clergy.  Whereas Bishops like this man are symbol of shame for the church.  Now a days, several bishops live a luxurious or selfish life.  How can they change or impact the society?  These articles become futile when those qualities are not reflecting in practical life.

When Bishops or Clergy or believers or leaders are submissive to the schemes of Satan (as detailed in his article in the same issue by Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Azariah) the eternal plans are defeated.  There is no transparency in our deals and anything and everything, there are hidden agendas of their own.  You are supposed to imitate Jesus but you are imitating  politicians or devil.  When Bishop set such example what will be the position of Presbyters.  They do the same thing.

Now, I come to the point of THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION stated in the July issue.

After my graduation, I had been working in a reputed company.  At that time, (3 decades ago) I wanted to do a Theological course and I approached the presbyter of our church who did his B.D. at Arasarady, Madurai.  He simply advised me not to do B.D as I may lose my present faith.  I do not know exactly about the teaching at the seminary but that was the testimony of a pastor of CSI.

Many of the Theologians who come out of the seminaries do not

·        Believe the word of God
·        Their messages do not make the believer to be strong in the faith
·        They have no faith in prayer and the miracles of Jesus.
·        As stated in the July issue in a few contexts “Gospel Story or Creation Story” , they treat the word  of God just as a fiction.
·        Several theologians are addicted to smoking, drinking and other evils
·        They are not prepared to suffer and take the cross and follow Jesus as Jesus said

Therefore, my solemn opinion is that the seminaries should soul search among themselves and find out where we are wrong.

Could any of the Bishops or a church leaders impact the society or nation during the past several decades as that of the early church?  Whereas we are able to hear the bad news of arrest of bishops or theft of properties by bishops etc. etc.

However, the call given at Edinburgh 1910 – 2010 at the centenary celebrations of World Missionary Conference as listed  by the Bishop of Dornakal diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. B.S. Devamani (which are given below for your immediate reference) is implemented in our personal life and church life, then there may be transformation and revival in our CSI churches.

“We believe the church as a sign and symbol of the kingdom of God, is called to witness to Christ today by sharing in God’s mission of love through the transforming power of the Holy Sprit.:

1.    Trusting in the Triune God, we are called to incarnate and proclaim the good news of Salvation for a fallen world, of life in abundance, and of liberation for all poor and oppressed in such a way that we are living demonstration of the love, righteousness and justice that God intends for the whole world.
2.    Remembering Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection for our salvation and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are called to authentic, respectful and humble witness among people of other faiths to the uniqueness of Christ, which is marked with bold confidence in the gospel message, and which builds friendship, seeks reconciliation and practices hospitality.
3.    Knowing the Holy Spirit who blows over the world at will, reconnecting creation and bringing authentic life, we are called to become communities of compassion and healing, where young people are actively participating in mission, and women and men share power and responsibilities fairly, where there is a new zeal for justice, peace and protection of creation and bold and creative liturgy reflecting the beauties of creator and creation.
4.    Disturbed by the asymmetries of power that divide and trouble us, we are called to repentance, to critical reflection on and accountable uses of structures of power, and to seeking practical ways to live as members of One Body in full awareness that God resists the proud, Christ welcomes and empowers the poor and the afflicted.  And the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested in our vulnerability.
5.    Affirming the importance of the Biblical foundations of our missiological engagement and valuing the witness of the Apostles and martyrs, we are called to rejoice in the expressions of the gospel in many nations all over the world, in the renewal experienced through movements of migration and in the way God is continually using children and young people in furthering the kingdom.
6.    Recognizing the need to shape a new generation of leaders with authenticity to minister to a world of diversities in the twenty first century, we are called to work together in new forms of theological education which draw on one another’s Charisma, challenge each other in grow in faith and understanding, share resources more equitably worldwide, involve the entire human being and the whole people of God, and respect the wisdom of our enders while also fostering the participation of children.
7.    Hearing the call of Jesus to make disciples of all poor, wealthy, marginalized, ignored, powerful, young and old we are called as communities of faith receiving from one another in our witness by word and action, in streets, offices, homes and schools, bringing reconciliation, showing love, demonstrating grace and speaking out truth.
8.    Recalling Christ, the host at the banquet, and committed to that unity for which he lived and prayed, we are called to ongoing co-operation and to work towards a common vision, while welcoming one another in our diversity, affirming our membership through baptism in the One Body Of Christ, and recognizing our need for mutuality, partnership and networking in mission, so that the world might believe.
9.    Remembering Jesus’ way of witness and service, we believe we are called by God to follow it joyfully, inspired, anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, nurtured by Christian disciplines in community, to bring God’s transforming and reconciling love to the whole creation”.

May the Triune God help all of us to go forward in spite of all inadequacies and diversities?
Hope you will do the needful. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Reginald,


Anonymous said...

He is a trained thief with special gift to steel the hearts of innocent people. Thank God! But He opened eyes of some people to see and fanfare his suede spirituality. As you said we had never been under a wolf‘s pastoral care. Kuruvilla Thirumany does not think that his grace has been taken away and now being obsessed by evil spirit like King Saul in the Old Testament. His wife Delilah Elizabeth supports him in all his retched acts. What a shame people like us migrated from a rich heritage to here for our lively

Anonymous said...

feel shame on irev. K P Kuruvilla

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look at the photo Of our Bishop in his article, He had something good before. But now look at the cruel face when he and his henchmen break open the doors and gate of the school chapel at Thripunithura. I feel really sorry. What has happened to him now??????
Pray to Almighty to give him good sense to lead the flock.

Elizebth M David said...

Mr.Kuruvilla Dont You Feel Shame to be in position 98% of CSI is not accepting you as Bishop .

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