Our Educational Mission Mired in Profiteering and Pilfering

It is learnt that four new Higher Secondary Schools have been sanctioned for the North Kerala Diocese. According the investigative reporting of the Malayala Manorama, Rupees thirty lakhs is the going rate for appointments in secondary schools.

Anyway, it is public knowledge and our financial records will surely show that the diocese has no financial sources for starting and establishing these schools. Obviously no effort has been made to collect money from the faithful to start these institutions. That naturally leads us to the question of the source of the finance to start Higher Secondary Schools.

It is clear that the bishop and other officers of the diocese have some illegal source of finance. Somebody is collecting or making money for appointments of teachers. But who collects this money, under whose authorization, where the money is parked and for what purposes it would be used are questions that baffle ordinary mortals.

When these questions are raised, it is considered as questioning the “ecclesiastical authority”. But this is actually fighting ecclesiastical burglary” of turning “my house” into a “den of thieves”. Those who claim themselves to be believers have an advantage over atheists that they can circumvent questions from investigative agencies by the providing a false affidavit regarding their illegal source of finance as coming from the offering (nercha) of the devotees. That is how these god men and women are thriving.

Finally if these vacancies are not approved and if these nefarious activities have been undertaken with a commitment that the money received will be returned in the event of the prospective teachers not getting the appointment, who is going to be responsible for returning them when a leadership change is imminent.

When many of our unaided schools are rotting and remain uncared for, why do we show this interest in starting Higher Secondary Schools? Why not the concerned government agencies ask for the source of finance of the diocese for starting these institutions?

Malayala Manorama has been highlighting through its article how the church leadership/private management-politician nexus indulge in practices that are not only corrupt but also endanger the future of many prospective teachers who try to get employment by paying hefty sums for appointment.

Thus the church and its “educational mission” instead of becoming a source of announcing the good news of the Kingdom, become a source of institutionalizing corruption. How can we, as Christians, face up to the daunting task of retrieving our calling as a church?


Anonymous said...

You people are embarking these facts to the public.
But the injustice prevails in the diocese with much more power and support.
Can you kick these thieves out of our diocese, and save our diocese as Jesus cleansing work at the Jerusalem Temple?
Kick these robbed thieves and his imps from our diocese,
before you utter next statement against these criminals.
There are quotation people in and around our cities. Let them do some God’s works for the entire Christianity.

vipin.trichur said...

kicking out is not Christianity,but sending them to the place where they get free wheat ball food and rooms without air condition is the better remedy.

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