Amnesia: A malignant spiritual disorder

(You shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt---- Duet. 16:12)

Memory is the basis of the identity of an individual or a community. Preserving historical monuments handed down by our forefathers is one way to pass on that memory to the succeeding generations. Only one who can lay claim to this heritage and re-live it relevantly in the present can be considered noble and faithful. Unfortunately Bishop Kuruvilla and his associates work with short term memory and material gains and a skewed understanding of power and authority. How can we keep alive the missionary heritage and the memory of what they lived for and worked for? What was the nature of their mission? What is more important: maintaining the unity and witness of the church or ones ego and “power”? 

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Breaking down of the Gothic arches of the 145 year old English Church in Kozhikode is not the only incident. An attempt was made to demolish the old church in Mananthavadi which had been constructed before the settlers arrived in Wayanad and build a new church closer to one end of the property. Thus, with the demolishing of the old church building which is situated in the middle of the property, they could save 15 to 20 cents of land for sale or “Home-Stay Cottages” in the heart of Mananthavadi Town. Somebody spoiled this design; the Archeology Department of India came to know about this and they took over the old church building as an archeology monument.

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We attach a lot of sentiments and sacredness to certain structures and institutions, particularly to churches, how old they may be. Before demolishing them we should think twice as to how we can preserve them for posterity. If the bishop of a diocese has no such sensitivity, what can we expect from the ordinary members of a congregation?

Besides this lack of a sense of history, there is callous disregard for the feelings of a congregation and its unity. Bishop Kuruvilla and his pastoral colleagues find joy in splitting congregations. We expect a vicar and a bishop to be sensitive to the feelings of each and every member of a congregation when age old traditions, practices and structures are tampered with. That is why even today, several years after the church union, the Basel Mission tradition is respected and acknowledged. We should not force any change, but rather wait patiently for changes to occur.  That is the Christian spirit we have been fostering during the periods of successive bishoprics.

What is the urgency to demolish or remove a 145 year old gothic architecture and the picture of Mary? If successive bishops can tolerate it and did not see anything obnoxious or against faith in it, why not the same tolerance be shown by Bishop Kuruvilla and a theologically illiterate vicar whose only qualification is subservience to the powers that be. CSI has only one constitution and no cannon law. To talk about it is to use the language of the Pope and the Catholic Church. These platitudes and hub bugs must be challenged. Bishop Kuruvilla’s ego has risen to the pathological level of elevating himself to the status of a Pope and his infallibility, which our forefathers threw away lock stock and barrel.

Old CSI Church at Mananthavady
What is important: removing the old gothic structure and the picture of Mary or retaining them as they are and thus, preserving the unity and witness of the church? St. Paul would say, “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”(Gal. 5: 6) No cannon law should stand in the way of love commandment and preserving the fellowship and witness of a congregation. It is to preserve this unity and witness that we have adopted episcopacy and not to “lord it over” the flock.


jeevanand john,calicut said...

I see nothing special in this matter.Our beloved ones are specialized in the great 'Divide and Rule' policy.Where ever they get few obedient servants to implement this British policy they simply do it.
At last when they face total failure,they come with the other policy 'sympathy factor'ie.crying crying and using the name of God,abusing the innocent people who stand for the Laws of the Land.
In puthiyara there is a criminal case between the people of the church and the former chairman Rev.Trevor Jyothish and his obedient servants alleging that we demolished the church,abused atchan etc.etc.etc.In the court when argument session came the said chairman and his paid witnesses proved that they are controlled by outside people who have come to steal,kill and destroy our church.The said chairman himself told the court that the accused are good people having belief and fear in God.He and his paid men utterly failed in the court and it was a shame to the entire community.No advocate in that court has seen such a foolish case in the history of calicut kunnamangalam criminal court.
Now one more witness has to be cross examined.He is an eye witness.His name was given to the police by him.But nobody knows his where abouts.
This is for the third time the magistrate issued bring up arrest warrant to him.The poor police officer deputed to bring him is also in trouble.This is a case given by the church committee and they only recommended him as a witness.They can not escape from this foolish and crooked play.The present illegal committee(a person who married a hindu girl and not regularized the marriage is a pastorate committee member there,that is another history)is the the only pastorate committee in the csi synod which support all the criminal activities against the people and poor teachers in north kerala diocese.
Who is responsible for this fake witness.These atrocities are doing by holy priests only.This priest was used as a tool to suspend five members from primary membership of the two years completed.NO INQUIRY.NOTHING DOING. collected church tax from them who are out from the membership of the church(HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THIS FOOLISHNESS).Now we have decided to file defamation case against this priest and bishop and his paid men soon after the verdict of criminal case comes.People will kick us out if we show any mercy on these evil forces.
I was a diocesan council member.It was announced in the church one sunday that I was expelled from council.but till date i have not received any letter.When I opposed the criminal and anti social activities of the corporate manager,he transfered my wife to a distant place as a part of his feminine vengeance and finally the court taught them a lesson.Now we are facing an issue of a principal who became a scapegoat of the crooked plans.Now another hit is waiting for the new manager from the court on this issue.
I have informed the concerned Government departments and friends thatwhen any physical damage or death happen to me the whole responsibility will be on the shoulders of bishop,paul david.earnest edapally and trever jyothish.I have informed the PRESIDENT OF INDIA also .Because I know pretty well that these people have no hesitation even to destroy my family.
bishop can file a case against me for posting this comment.please

Clifford said...

Good of Rev. P.T. George. He had a dream long back that an angel told him "YOUR MISSION IS TO RE-BUILD ANY CHURCH YOU ARE APPOINTED IN." since then he is doing it without any fail. to know the importance of certain things, there should be something in his head but we shouldn't blame him, he has cow dung in his head.

There is a saying in malayalam. "Nanam kettavante asanathil aal mulachal athum thanal ennu vijarichu irikum".

He thinks everything is as easy as copying down somebody's thesis or book and getting a DOCTORATE for himself and his doctorate getting cancelled as easily.

Clifford said...

Matthew 5:2-12

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Anonymous said...

This is total arrogance.It is really painful to know that the Bishop and the parish priest is not ready to listen to the members of the church.It is the people who have to decide and not the parish priest who is just an employee.Who gave him the authority to do all this without the permission of the People.You cannot hijack a church with the help of some fools who know nothing about the tradition of Anglican Church or C.S.I.Why is the Bishop not taking any action against a priest who has been vigorously trying to de-stabilize the peace and Harmony of this ancient church.The minority supporting the priest are living in a fools paradise.The bishop or Priest cannot save them.They will have to answer for destroying this church.Let us Pray that the Almighty God will prevail upon them and Save our Church.

Anonymous said...

The comments of Jeevanand is very serious.How can the Bishop and the Priests behave like this.It is a disgrace to the whole Christianity.How can the Bishop deny justice to a devotee.The bishop will have to answer to this since it is understood that complaints have been sent to The President of India.It is sheer violation of the Church Constitution and it is astonishing that there is no one to challenge this.This IDI-AMEEN has to be thrown out.The Bishop will not be pardoned.His clandestine deals with Edapally,Rony,Sunshine,Ranjith upedeshi,Rev.P.T.George(Bishops benami)will be exposed.I think some one should approach the CBI and request for a thorough enquiry on all land deals,lease deeds and all other financial deals carried out by the Bishop during the last three and half years.

jeevanand john,CALICUT said...

Dear Readers, some of the viewers are calling me over the phone and asking about the comment I posted here.They want to know whether I have vengeance against the bishop or is this the way to get positions. I beg my readers to kindly post your comments here and not asking clarifications over phone.Let the people understand the truth.
Let me make onething very clear that I am not at all interested in power or positions,which the bishop himself know very well.
Further,I have no anger or vengeance at all with the bishop because I believe in christianity.I am only a common man like any other person working for my bread with my own sweat and blood without depending others.Please do not highlight me as leader or something.I am nothing amongst the thousands in north kerala diocese.This is not at all a question of prestige.
I just opposed certain inhuman,illegal,brutal activities of our leadership alongwith some people who has sincerity towards the church,As the citizen of India we could not not tolerate the atrocities .That is all.As a person standing for human rights again and again also I WILL DO IT ALONGWITH MY COLLIQUES.
We are prepared for an open discussion with the bishop at any midnight on Puthiyara issue,illegal activities of the corporate managemant.etc.
People who call me on phone and abuse please pursuade the bishop for the same,then abuse,threaten or kill. thanking you.

Anonymous said...

What comment this person has sent.If at all points are true the the Central Government should interfere in our matters.Violation of human rights,violation of criminal laws all are there.It is the responsibility of the priest to produce the witness.I am totally worried to see this post.Are they mad? Madness we have treatment. But for sadism man handling is the only medicine. would you please post the phone number and address of this man jeevand john.puthiyara church.
This comment is more than enough to understand how sadist our bishop is

csipass puthiyara said...

We are happy to note that the truth is coming with its true colour.When we started agitating against the illegal actions and criminal activities three years back only few people were supporting us.Lot of them told that we are against the church. Now the sympathizers have become an ocean.We put our all troubles on His shoulders and worked hard.
Still we are not against bishop or any priest.But it is the duty of the citizen of India to expose the people who give disregard to the Laws of the land as well as the Laws of the church.
We repeat again, as we have been announcing for the last three years that we are ready for an open discussion with anybody in the world with all needed records in the presence of channels,journalists or any personality at any midnight pertaining to the issues of our Puthiyara church and also the issues of our teachers. Any is there to accept this challenge??
We support the people of st.marys CALICUT,who are standing for Truth and fighting with confidence against the 'DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY'

We remain,
with love and regards,CSIPASS(Regd)(Feelings of csi church devotees),PUTHIYARA,calicut

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bishop Kuruvilla want to sell the Picture.Earnest and Rev PTG could be parttakers

Anonymous said...

I am a member of csi english church.There were nil problems in the church for the last 150 years.This issue was deliberate.why the chairman is not prepared to call church assembly? They just wanted to send out the secretary from church.He is against the episcopal goonda-ism.The drama which was played in puthiyara is repeating.
At last edapally and bishop will remain in the church after sending all educated people from church.Bishop has money with him.He is making every rubbish plays by using it.He can not face the people.Let him go to jail.We need peace in our church.

Clifford said...

Ohh My Jesus!!!
What all is going on!!! a diocesan member is facing such problems!! and that man has had to seek refuge with the Govt. Officials??
IF he has to approach the President of India, then things seems damn serious. is the same people who preach love for each other and forgiveness and if somebody slaps you on one cheek, show the other, acting like this??? UNBELIEVABLE.

I think some people are gripped by the devil. Who knows one day will will hear that one of the CSI churches is for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have said earlier in my post, we have had enough. Whip is the remedy for all these.

babu,callicut said...

this is true. matrubhoomi news is full true.

Anonymous said...

I too think so.One of my friends who is in united states told me that Americans pay millions depending upon the age of art pieces from India.Mr.jeevanand,thousands of church members are with you.these .........can't do any harm to you.All the best to csipass.

laben said...

I request the Bishop to please open the diocesan website and reply to these allegations.Now it is closed for ever.Why you hesitate to open the official website.Writing in sabhamitram nobody reads.Use the possibilities of the modern world.People are much more educated and they will never give hear to your sympathetic stories.
Do open the official website and reply if you are a gentle shepherd.

Anonymous said...

It is pitty that few believers are challenging one bishop and people in the globe watch it.Who will respect you bishop.You only made your graveyard.I am ashamed of you.Dancing as per the tunes of two criminals.

Abel said...

The feeling of Mr.Jeevanand John is the actual feeling of the actual believers of the Christ. Who build the church and its property and the schools for whom ? Now, Who is enjoying this by looting lacks of money.
Bishop,some achan's or ayyanns and two or three persons of North Kerala Diocese. If a real believer of christ,can you alove this. The Christian Teachers are the scapegoats of CSI School Manager and the above gang, because they are getting more money from the other religion people. If you can visit the fortcochy, you can see the beauty of the heritage small town and you can Gus the historical background of the place. Here what we are doing,demolishing the history or the heritage, because the eagle eye on the money and power.CSI Pass people are doing a wonderful job. Thousands of believers are with you. God will lead this people and god will destroy the Bishop and his gang with in a short period.

just as I am said...

It is not only depressing to see the half-baked theology of some of the ‘doctors’ of the church but also sad to know that the church is drifting in a sea without direction and vision.

In this Christmas season, I was sad to hear the voice of a tyrant in the 'Sabhamithram'. Is this where CSI North Kerala leadership has reached?

Anonymous said...

Dear leaders of the diocese in Christ.
We are living in calicut city with family.We go to church once in a while.We teach our children about the history and traditions.We see lot of monuments in the city.
Let you great leaders keep the photo as a monument.We are not going to worship Mary or joseph.This issue is an issue for the sake of creating problems.We are sure that the Bishop is playing behind this.What was the gain for the Bishop and diocese from puthiyara issue.They are still challenging the bishop. The atchen who has given fire to it is going to face criminal case from own friends as written in this blog.We are not interested in the church activities unless the Bishop visits our church and solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hehee never came up in mind about this when a friend told that the picture of Mary has an antique value and could be sold for a good price. Photo Kallan ennoru pere baakki. Thollikatti bayangaram thane, engane anno bishop ayathe daivame.

jeevanand john,calicut said...

Dear friend, My phone numbers are 9400571249 and 9037270399.You may call me at any midnight for the details of facts which i have mentioned in my comment.

Anonymous said...

very bad news.we do not feel to respect the bishop

Anonymous said...

The original photo is in abroad.If the original was available here it would have sold soon after the arrival of kpk.Thank God and thank Mary matha

Anonymous said...

Spiritual disorder may lead to total disorder of church,people and families.This mentally retarded bishop and his disorder person Mr.Rony and his counterpart some pally who is a vigilance and Income Tax culprit from calicut had totally disordered the administration of the churches,spirituality,love,unity and all good senses.
Mr.Rony and Mr.Pally - a sinple request from this retired priest-please stop disturbing the children of this diocese right now.-if money is the criteria we may beg in the railway stations and bus stations,collect it and send to your house. I beg you to stop this ridiculous play.Your children should have a good future? Who will marry your girl children.Who will respect your life partners? Have you ever thought about it my dear brothers?

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see that members have started reacting from english church too.Now anybody can understand the seriousness of several incidents.

Anonymous said...

Hey.The preson made total disorder to our diocese has been appointed as the manager of our prestigeus MCC,CALICUT.
Now the underworld dawn Dawood Ibrahim will become the bishop.
When this matter is being asked with leaders,they say wait,wait,case,case,case.
When you are going to set fire this diocese and the goondas?
We demand you only this action.nothing less or more than this.People working away from home are fed up with your patience.

Anonymous said...

still the bishop keeping cool silence.what type of a creature he solution for problems never.creating problems and dismantling elected bodies.Is he the anthichristhu?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the people down here who actually hail from the CSI churches in Kerala and other states too....
We all do go the church y?????
Because v consider it has a worshipping place where v confess our sins and pray to god for everyone’s well being.... but that’s not happening in our churches in the present era.... it’s about politics and money making.... rite from the committee people down in the church to the Bishops sitting at the top who hail themselves as the governing bodies.... y do v need such Bishops who work for just money, who just loot people , who do crimes in front of us and moreover v do all support to his crimes thinking as if he is a great man and what he says is correct.... i know that each and every1 just needs something or the other for fulfilling his or her basic needs but that doesn’t means that v use the church for all these purposes..... frankly speaking if I would had an opportunity to do something I would have sue the present Bishop Kirkville(K P Kuruvilla) and would have banned and detained from all churches.... I won’t say that only he is the culprit but like him many are there who needs to be taken care of.....

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