Plumbing The Depths of Moral Depravity

It is perhaps asking too much of CSI bishops, in this materialistic day and age,  to behave like  saints. But can they engage in  heinous acts of corruption that destroy the very church they are mandated to protect and still remain bishops?  That is the question which the CSI Bishops’ Council will hopefully ponder when it meets on Nov 11, 2010. Before the Council  will be the damming  report of the Fact Finding Committee (FFC) appointed by the Working Committee of the CSI Synod to probe the allegations against Coimbatore Bishop Manickam Dorai. Also of interest will be what action, if any,  the CSI Synod Executive Committee takes on  the  findings when it meets in late November.
Readers will recall the CCC had in its Newsletter 2 spotlighted the New Indian Express news report on the shocking findings of the FFC.  We now present the interim “Status Report” of the Committee (see Attachment 1) sent to the Moderator of the CSI, and on the leak of which the Express report was based.  The actual double-spaced report is 30 pages long and rather than burden the reader with going through 30 separate scanned pages, the contents have been typed verbatim as a word file that is attached here.

Justice Michael F. Saldhana, former Judge of  the Karnataka High Court,  as chairman of the three-member committee, authored this interim report.  It still remains unclear how this confidential report sent to the Moderator ended up in the hands of the New Indian Express. Then  in a surprise development, Justice Saldhana's  fellow FFC member Mr C.E. Sarasam -- who along with former senior police officer Mr A.J. Anandan were the other two members of the committee --  tendered his resignation from the Committee.  Mr Sarasam in his resignation letter to the Moderator (see Attachment 2  for contents typed verbatim, spelling mistakes et al,) takes a softer line on Bishop Dorai  and also alleges  that the report submitted by Justice Saldhana was not finalized by the committee as a whole. Yet even Mr Sarasam admits it is “apparently true” that “huge funds were misappropriated, bulk payments have been effected in cash, Bishop’s family members who held positions in the Diocese inflicted immense damage/loss to the Diocese,” etc. 

Given the absolute power wielded by bishops over their subordinates -- particularly one like Bishop Dorai who has held the post for the past 10 years during which most of the crimes were committed -- Mr Sarasam’s attempt to  shift the blame away from the Bishop and on to those working under him does not hold much merit. And Sarasam's  resignation from the FFC, coming as it does shortly before the Bishop's Council and the Synod Executive Committee were to consider its interim report, makes his timing suspicious.  Surely, it did not require over 20 visits for Mr Sarasam  to  come to the conclusion that “present mode of fact finding is a futile exercise” and put in his papers? Why did he not resign even earlier? Is he doing the bidding of those who are keen  to discredit the Status Report  and ensure the work of the FFC (which is still not complete) is derailed so no action need be  taken on its explosive findings?

The Fact Finding Committee -- according to the contents of the Synod Communique published by the CCC in Newsletter 2 -- made at least 20 visits to various institutions and areas of the  Coimbatore diocese. Below are some of the shocking highlights of  the Status Report.

“Fixed Deposit Receipts aggregating to Rs 3.00 Crores have been pledged to the Banks without the requisite authorization/resolution, etc. What is extremely serious about this matter is that an amount of Rs 80.00 Lakhs has been drawn against these Fixed Deposits. There is a total legal bar to a transaction of this type which has been put through by Bishop Dorai and his brother Murthy and we are unable to trace as to where this money has gone.”

“…Murthy has involved himself in a transaction relating to a so-called loan from a professional moneylender by the name of K. Murugesan who turned up uninvited and told us that he would be in a position to establish in Court that Murthy had borrowed from him a sum of Rs 1,70,00,000 in cash... What aggravates the situation is that as records stand, the four cheques issued by the Diocese would amount to the liability being accepted and the responsibility of paying up that money devolves on the Diocese. Inevitably, being a moneylender, the rate of interest is staggering, Murugesan has gone to a Civil Court and obtained Orders attaching the Diocesan properties on the ground that there is an amount of Rs 3.28 crores owing to him… The gravity of this case is so very serious that it endangers the position even of the SYNOD”

“The records indicate that during Bishop Dorai’s tenure, an extremely valuable property in the heart of Erode city has been sold for a figure that would hardly represent 20% of the fair market value. There are similar charges in respect of the sale of very valuable property in Yercaud and recently a case has surfaced in relation to the sale of land at Sundakkamuthur near CBE where a registration has been done without even obtaining the recorded amount.”

“There has been a huge scandal [concerning the CSI Engineering College in Ketti] to the effect that every year an amount averaging Rs 2.00 Lakhs per student has been collected “IN CASH” (emphasis in original report) personally by Bishop Dorai and that these massive amounts of money were transported in bags and boxes all the way from Ketti in the Nilgiris to CBE by the Bishop’s agents …….  The aggregate amount of money involved in these transactions would be around Rs 14 crores.”

If the above instances shock you, be prepared to be shocked even more as what is recorded above is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The evidence against Bishop Dorai revealed by this “Status Report”  should make any CSI member, and not just those belonging to the Coimbatore Diocese, hang his/her head in shame. Because the widespread nature of corruption pointed out by the Committee and the gross misuse of his powers by the Bishop is not unique to the Coimbatore Diocese, but prevails in many other Dioceses. Which is also why one cannot repose too much faith in the CSI Bishops taking stern action against one of their own.

The  only reason for this sorry state of affairs is that the laity across the CSI have been asleep at the switch for too long. Using the analogy of  Christ’s famous cry on the Cross to his Father,  the CSI laity today is guilty of closing its ears to this modern day cry from our Lord: “My people, My people, why have you forsaken me?” Will CSI members at least now shed their indifference to their Lord’s Church and make their voices heard? Or will they continue to indulge in idle chatter about the problem, blame their leadership, wring their hands in despair and do nothing about it?

One of the suggestions made to the CCC on what ordinary CSI members can do to force action against corruption  is that instead of dropping money into the offertory pouch every Sunday, they drop slips of paper which carry the message “Stop CSI Corruption NOW!”  Those advocating  this move argue that the quickest way to ensure accountability in church administration is by turning  off the money tap, even if only partially.  If tens of thousands of CSI members across parishes can, week after week, drop these slips of paper (which can be done discreetly and yet with telling effect), the results will be dramatic.  As any sane person knows,  God does not need or use the offertory; it is the church administration which does There are any number of good causes, including beggars sitting outside church gates on any given Sunday, to whom the individual offertory contribution can be given until such time the corrupt powers that be mend their ways.  If you agree with this suggestion or have any other of your own (of what ordinary CSI members can do to pressure change),  write in to the CCC with your views at  

It is high time the CSI “sheep” stop bleating about the rampant corruption that is destroying their church and use the stampeding power of their numbers to  send a long overdue message to  their shamelessly corrupt “shepherds”-- Enough is Enough !!

courtesy : CCC 
About the CCC

The CHRIST Centered Campaign (CCC) to Save the CSI seeks to be an independent voice for reform within the CSI. Its goals are  drawn from the very name of our Lord and Saviour as enunciated below.

C = A clean church free of corruption
H = A holy church
R = A church  that promotes reconciliation both within and outside.
I  = An informed church responsive  to the challenges of a changing world
S =  A church that remains steadfast in its mission
T =  A transparent and accountable church which becomes a model to the rest of society.

The CCC welcomes all those independent-minded CSI members who share the above ideals to become active participants in this journey of change. Write in to  and tell us how you would like to participate and/or your thoughts on how to take this campaign forward. Also do forward this to other CSI members you know who may be interested to get involved. Please  note the  CCC reserves the right to send future issues of its  newsletter only  to those who respond.  This as the CCC believes God calls on each of his children to be active defenders of his church, not mere passive recipients of information.


jacob mani said...

I am afraid to open this website.whatever you post are horrible.I never expected this from bishops.

Anonymous said...

It is another way of confirming the happenings of CSI by the community of God's People.Truth as Truth and evil as evil.

Anonymous said...

Truth is always truth and the truth never be hide.

Truth will come out one day like abhaya case.Who is going to save the bishop.

He is in the hands of different types of mafias.

All others acting like his friends are only commission agents of mafias.

Anonymous said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely- the bishops have totally corrupted the
Anglican Communion in India.People with no moral caliber run the church,caste politics and familial nepotism rules the roost,they are the black of heart nobility of modern times similar to the bishops of the medieval times with their ill gotten wealth and caste henchmen at their command,these rascals should be burned at the stake if it is still possible for their crimes against the Body of Christ we the laity,can they eat the money or take it with them if the Lord calls them for Judgement this very moment,unfortunately they will get away in India due to the systemic corruption entrenched in the very fabric of life ! Pls pray for the souls of the poor laity who are deceived by these imbeciles and for Christ's coming to judge these mongrel's. PJ - Canada.

Kuru said...

It is a sad state. Let us pray hard and do the best to be honest and sincere.

Anonymous said...

B.RAVEENDRAN , CSI Coimbatore Diocese
In a time when the society expects selfless services from the church, it is shocking to see the Bishops & clergies loot the church funds and tarnish the image of the CSI. It is high time that Lay men to rise to the occasion and fight for transparent dealings and accountability . Not only that , upright and straight forwarded like minded lay men should unite together and contest against the highly corrupted culprits in the church and diocese elections.

Unknown said...

Now CSI organisation and CSITA is a anti-christian and property succors organisations earting all possible monies and grabbing Churches & Church Properties even the Churches not comes under CSI umbrella. This has happends in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam District, Chittivalsa (PO),. Here 150 year old London Mission Church is a self supported independent church and only having link with this CSI Bishop Rev. Daiva Asseervadham, Krishna Godavari Diocese, Vijayawada for sending Pastor to preach in the Church and the salary of the said sent pastor be paid by the Church. Bus this GOONDA BISHOP and its goonda trained pastor has created huge nuisance in the Church and tried to capture the Church in many ways by the group of deaconds (adhoc committee) he created for this but it is protected by the old Church members and now in fight with him in court of law. We warn all CSI Chuches in this Diocese and all over India to be cautious regarding the Bishops activities as now a days these people are 100% Businessmen than religious and grabbing and selling properties as and when possible. Hense if U have any grievences share with us at our email id:

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