Officiating Administration Assumes Charge.

We are witnessing a repeat of the Munnar Court intervention in the unfolding drama related to the taking charge of the diocesan administration by the synod appointed committee. At the time, the bishop through his proxy got an injunction from the Munsiff Court, Munnar and on its backing, delayed constituting the new diocesan council. But that turned out to be his nemesis. In this case, Mr. Aaron James, a member of the synod and diocesan executive committees, Mr. Manoj Kumar from Thallap, and Mr. Kanakaraj from Vaniayamkulam sought an interim ex-parte injunction from the Sub-court, Ottapalam restraining the synod appointed administration from taking charge on 24 January 2011. The CSI North Kerala Diocesan Laity Fellowship, becoming aware of this move, impleaded in this case and argued against giving such an injunction and thus, foiled their attempt. However, on the same day, Mr. Vinod Mathew, moved the Hon. Munsiff Court, Kalpetta with the bishop, the general secretary of the CSI and the the moderator as defendants, and obtained an injunction against the officiating administration from taking charge.

Meanwhile, Rt. Rev. John Sadananda, the bishop of South Karnataka Diocese, representing the moderator and the synod, rushed to Shoranur yesterday, 23 January 2011, with the objective of bringing some sense to Bishop Kuruvilla. But, this mission was a failure and Bishop Sadananda returned to Mangalore this morning disappointed. He shall be reporting his concerns to the moderator.

Despite all the efforts of the synod to ensure a smooth transition, today, 24 January 2011, armed with the injunction obtained from the Hon. Munsiff Court, Kalpetta, and with the assistance of a bunch of goondas - Rev. P. T. George, an ever-obedient clergy known for vandalizing the historical heritage of St. Mary’s Church, Calicut; Rev. Trevor Jyothish, the infamous architect of Puthiyara disaster; Mr. Jayan Samuel, husband of Mrs. Soumini Jayan; Mr. Earnest Edapally, bishop’s confidant and a suspended government servant on charges of corruption; and Mr. Sunshine, a peon in one of the BEM schools and a self-acclaimed CPI(M) party worker – blocked the officiating administration and attempted to physically assault them. Criminal cases have been filed against them.

Meanwhile, the old administration - Rev. B.N Fenn, the treasurer; Rev. Jacob John, the clergy secretary; and Mr. M. N. George, the lay secretary, has obliged to abide by the CSI constitution and the synod directive, and hand over the administration to the synod appointed officiating administration and thus avoid an impasse.

Later in the day, it was learned from reliable sources close to the synod that bishop is going to be suspended. It is also learnt that Rev. P. T. George and the bishop are absconding, and their whereabouts are not known. We feel that this is being done to evade the serving of any suspension order. This is most unfortunate and difficult to fathom.

As SAVE CSI had already pointed out in an earlier post, it is strange that a normal administrative action in the event of a diocesan council not meeting within three months from the term of its expiry as stipulated in the CSI Constitution should invite such wrath from the bishop and a miniscule section of the church with other vested interests. Shouldn’t the bishop extend the same ‘ecclesiastical obedience’ that he has been demanding from his clergy and laity to the synod? What moral authority does he have to continue as bishop of a diocese?

The bishop has become like Saul, who was anointed as the king of Israel and yet, because of his own arrogance, became possessed by the evil spirit and went insane. He is seething with anger and spouts venom at all those pious church members who had wished well for him and wanted to uphold the witness of the church. There is something terribly wrong and the synod, in the coming days, has to address these concerns and save the witness of the church, which has been mauled because of the rash actions of the bishop and his coterie in the recent past. It has become rather clear that there is something he is afraid of and wants to hide.


elsa said...


Topaz790 said...

Can We file PIL case against these god men ?. Please reply.

Satya Sheela

suma varkey said...

God is great.I was shocked to read the news that two presbyters prevented the officers.They are drawing salary from the public offertory of churches.
Moderator sir,Please take action against them.we will be more thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, you have forgot the name of Rony (Jacob Mathew) from the above bishop's henchmen's list. he is the worst guy among them, pls dont let him go freely. we laity people should teach a lesson to this people.

Victor Samuel said...

The church members have been suffering a lot with this insane Bishop. A few clergy are still left with a good heart. Johnchetta.. you are a good omen, a god appointed one. One thing which came into my mind was, God brought front David when Saul became evil. Just like that God brought you out of somewhere when K P Kuruvilla became evil, just the right person from Bishop Benjamin's bloodline! No clergy could do this as if anyone tries to do anything, he will be suspended. Only the laity can clean up the church. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

The long lasting efforts have brought good news..Good going laity fellowship!

Anonymous said...

i cant understand the correct situation, whether the administrators attained the charges of bishop office?

Jacob Reginald, Munnar said...

As rightly said, like saul, Bishop K.P. Kuruvilla is evil possessed. He is not mastered by our Lord but by forces of darkness. He is supposed to obey the advice of the moderator who is the supreme authority of this great church. What a shameless man! who has instigated his henchmen to file cases and gundas to obstruct the peaceful transition of power.

Any how let us Praise God. Our living God has overthrown the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. The Lord overthrew Pharaoh and his army.

Let us not be complacent. Let us pray effectively against the forces of devil and act as appropriate, so that our diocese cannot be overtaken by the forces of darkness any more.

Let all the truth come out. Let all the shady deals made by the man come out. Let every one know what happened in the diocese.

Pray, pray and pray till we succeed

Anonymous said...

Let us fight against evil

csipass,puthiyara,calicut said...

Tears of our poor sunday school teacher and the ex-woman's fellowship secretary,cancer patient,innocent teachers,old parents of the church members who were illegally and dramatically expelled from the church,children of them and the prayers of thousands helped us in the fight against the EVIL FORCES.
God has given us the answers.
we thank JESUS and all the laymen,vicars,employees inside bishop office and all others who have helped us to continue the fight under the banner of CSINKLF,COCHIN.
please visit our website;- Facebook-csipass puthiyara.

Anonymous said...

We should all ally behind the Synod and strengthen the hands of the Moderator.The Bishop is having sleepless nights.The end of all dictators are like this.They will go insane because they are not willing to let go the power.P.T.George & Trevor Jyothish(They are not worth to be called reverends)Harry,Rony,etc.are all stake holders of the corruption that has been rampant in the diocese for the past 3 years.The Bishop and his chamchas will be solely responsible for this stalemate.Harry and Rony are sinking in the ocean of corruption and they have caught hold of the Bishop as the last straw.All three will sink together.Pray incessantly so that God will work through his chosen ones to cleanse the diocese from the clutches of these evil spirits.
The moderator should suspend the Bishop and the clergy for having defied the orders of the Synod.P.T.George should be de-robbed for his acts of defying the Synod and for destroying the peace and Harmony of St.Marys English Church,calicut

Abraham Mangalath said...

ALL OF YOU CAN GO THROUGH MY ARTICLE ON "GOOD SHEPHERD" IN MY ARTICLE Few more interesting items will be seen in my thoughts.



Anonymous said...

A note about the most hated P.T.George who is the sole person who has brought in disunity and disharmony in the St. Mary’s CSI English Church in Calicut. From the time he was appointed he was working towards an agenda that was well prepared and with the state of affairs in the diocese it looks like that the Bishop has instructed him on what to do. P. T. George has targetted many people in the Church. Initially he took into confidence the sexton Joy Prasad and both of them were always seen together, during the time when Joy would surely have known of the personal life of the vice vicar who cannot sleep without his quota of liquor flowing down his throat. He initially started off by making sure that the sexton is suspended and he was very much successful in doing this. The second noble deed he did was to make sure that he played the role of a cheap informer and made sure that the elected pastorate committee was disolved and a new officiating pasorate committee was formed, which was a set of his own people and he did get the approval from his compliance the useless and rutheless Kuruvilla. When elections were announced he very tacfully had a list of followers whom he motivated to contest for elections. By this time he had viselfully removed a picture that was in the altar and was no way a source of worship to the people. The pain of the congregation was that this useless priest who has no good family history removed it at his own will and never consulted the pastorate committee nor the general assembly for this vile act. The result of this was very evident in the election results when his comarades all lost mercilessly and this list included some brainless politicians also.
When the new committee took office they insisted that the issue of the photograph be resolved by calling in for a meeting of people who are for and against it and a discussion be initiated. He refused it and as a cheap beggar insisted on the pastorate committee to give him the christmas gift. When the committee denied this, he used the time for divine worship to announce this during a Holy communion service and pleading that he be saved from the committee. This liar who is wearing the white robe has done enough damage to the pastorate. He is a useless fellow and his appearance is so weak that people might mistake him to be from some patent come out of a hospital.
It is no wonder that he is acting as a goonda for the useless Kuruvilla since he has almost lost hope in his career with the church. For him it is ajob and he need to steal well before his retierement and I feel sorry for the poor congregation of St. Mary’s.

Rahul John said...

One things which i have witnessed is that the bishop does not mind telling lies. And his worthy to be bishop is a big question. enough of bishops. We dont need anymore bishops. Fed up.

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