What is Bishop K P Kuruvilla Afraid of?

It has become certain that an officiating administration appointed by the synod will take charge of the administration of the North Kerala Diocese from January 25 till the new diocesan council meets and elects a new administration. This is a routine procedure to be followed in the event of a diocese not able to put in place a new administration three months after the expiry of the term of the old administration. This does not alter in any way the status and powers of the bishop. In such an eventuality, what a bishop can do is to expedite the calling of a meeting of the diocesan council as early as possible, elect new office bearers and an executive committee, and constitute other boards and committees.

It is strange that the bishop should take offence at the appointment of an officiating administration. It is learned from reliable sources that a coterie of bishop’s cohorts is working overtime in Chennai and Ernakulum to secure an ex-parte injunction preventing the officiating administration from taking charge on 25 January and also exploring other legal options. Yesterday, the bishop called a meeting of a few clergy and church workers; and they have decided to physically block the entry of the officiating administration to the office of the North Kerala Diocese. They know that the CSI North Kerala Laity Fellowship will not remain mute spectators to this drama. However, they expect to make the most out of the resulting melee. The bishop may also be expecting support from the Kerala Police.

Meanwhile, another group of the bishop’s cronies sought an appointment with the moderator, but the moderator has told them that he would listen to them only if they comply with the new administrative arrangement. The bishop, who is otherwise obsessed with ecclesiastical obedience in regard to how the clergy and the laity should relate to him, does not seem to be in a mood to show obedience to the moderator and the synod. What is the bishop afraid of? What is the reason for this paranoid reaction? No administration can take away his constitutionally protected powers and authority. But this paranoia substantiates our position that bishop has much to hide. He is afraid of the ghosts that may tumble down from the closet. Otherwise, there is no need for such panic. Another explanation might be that he is suffering from a serious malady. This predicament of the bishop reminds us of the verse from the Psalm 7:

“He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole which he has made.” (15)


Anonymous said...

Exactly he will fall into the hole which he has made.The Bishop is making a fool of himself by trying to prevent the Ad-Hoc committee appointed by the Synod from performing their duties.He is living in a fools paradise or else he would not have jumped into this on the advise of Harry and Rony.An other advisor is a fool by himself and he is non other than the semi crack from Munnar Mr.Aaron James.What do these people think about themselves.No court or administration can save them.They are neck deep in trouble and the last nail of the coffin will be nailed by the Moderator himself and that will be the removal of K.P.Kuruvilla.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for still he is acting strongly against the evil forces. K P Kuruvilla is a purple robbed beast came from Lucifer’s institute of robbery, forgery and treachery. He deserves higher punishment, hope he will be rewarded the same at the near future.
M Samuel.

Anonymous said...

very nice imagination, 25th is not so far, we are anyway going to witness it, u should keep this post here, like this after 25th also.....

Andrew Simon said...

Whats happening around.....Again some dirty games are up?

csipass puthiyara said...

Yes.He is afraid of so many things.The people of the whole world came understand he is a person disobeys the Laws of the Land.suspending people illegally from the primary membership of the church,withdrawing the inquiry commission to save the real culprit,collecting church membership from the people who are expelled from the church membership???,applying his feminine vengeance on poor wives,helping the priests to form church committees with people who are not eligible to become csi members.etc.etc.
He was controlled by certain people who have come to steal.destroy and kill our community.People who have disturbed the cancer patients and widows and innocent teachers like the principal of MCCHSSS,CALICUT.
He deserves the maximum punishment from the HEIGHTS.
PUTHIYARA issue was actually a simple one.Foolishness of some people only created this as a big issue.Our members were ready for anything to keep the peace of the church.but 'AUTHORITY'.SOME PEOPLE THOUGHT THAT HAVING HOLY DRESS IS EQUAL TO THE PRESIDENT-SHIP OF OUR NATION.
Still we have no problem with the bishop,but with the people spoiled his character.

Anonymous said...

At last the whole episode is coming to the climax. We the affected congregation of Elamkulam and Kalamassery have been going through HELL for the past one year. Our youth members were not allowed to attend any Youth program organized by the Bishop.
Our sunday school children were not allowed to write the Diocesan exam.

Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for hearing the cry of helpless people. A day will come when truth will prevail. This shows that No money, power, authority can blind the eyes of the laymen. This has made an eye opener to the laymen to know their rights.
I sincerely appreciate the members of the laity fellowship, especially John sir who were in the hands of GOD to bring out these culprits. Pray for your sincere efforts to clean the Diocese.
May GOD bless you all.

csipass puthiyara said...

25.01.2011 is over for ever.The administrators have taken charges also.
WHERE ARE YOU 'realface'?

Opening a fake blog with fraud profile and fake e-mail id and a duplicate membership in the FACEBOOK will never save your bishop and the gang stars from the hands of the LAWS OF THE LAND.

Anonymous said...

Seems like he has a great resume for a Successful political Career.

Few tips for all,

Please stop calling this kinda Peoples for our Important Functions.If yoou plan to call him for the Holy Matrimony, pls note to strike off the word "Holy"

GOod luck

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