Penitence has to be Matched by Corresponding Action.

Dear the Most Rev. Vasanthakumar,

Your action of appointing an interim administration as per 8 (12) of the CSI constitution is widely acclaimed throughout the diocese and is deeply appreciated by the CSI North Kerala Laity Fellowship, which is nothing but a constitutional obligation.

Bishop Kuruvilla, using proxies, filed two suits challenging the appointment of the synod administration and seeking interim injunctions, one in Ottappalam and the other in Kalpetta. By the timely intervention of some believers, the attempt to get an injunction from Ottappalam was foiled. But he managed to get an injunction from the Munsiff Court, Kalpetta. The argument on that case is completed and its final verdict is awaited on February 9, 2011. It is important that you pursue as to how the letter from your office, addressed to the Bishop and marked “confidential”, have reached the hands of the litigants and the lawyers in Ottappalam and Kalpetta.

In the meanwhile, the Bishop called a ‘fake’ meeting of the executive Committee and appointed a few of them as office bearers and attempted to operate the diocesan accounts in various banks. By the timely action of Rev. B. N. Fen and Mr. P. I. John and other believers that attempt was also foiled.

Subsequently, on January 29, 2011 the bishop sent out a notice calling for a meeting of the defunct Executive Committee on February 14, 2011 to fill the vacancies of the office bearers –the Treasurer, Lay Secretary and Clergy Secretary. It was after initiating such an action in defiance of the Synod leadership that he came to meet you in Bangalore on February 1. This is very typical of the bishop and his strategy and character.

Now we learn that Bishop Kuruvilla has sent you a letter of penitence and has requested you to reconstitute the Synod administration bringing false allegations against some of the members of the Synod appointed administration. The entire church has full confidence in their uprightness. We also would like to bring to your attention the fact that Col. James Hunt is a member of St. Mary's Church, Fort St. George, Chennai. He hails from a noble Christian Family with Basel Mission tradition and is well accepted in the community and belog to Vadakara, a suburb of Calicut.

We do not have to enlighten you on the fact that any reconstitution will be at the cost of your credibility and reputation. We also do not believe that his words of penitence will be matched by corresponding action. It can only considered as a strategic move to safe guard his vested interests once again. Otherwise, why should a bishop fear an interim administration which was brought into existence out of constitutional necessity?

While we understand the compulsions of you as moderator to be ‘pastoral’ in your relationship to the Bishop, we would like to remind you that due consideration may be given to the impact this will have on the larger church and on the large majority of clergy and laity who suffer under a high handed, dictatorial, vindictive and corrupt leadership. Several instances of corruption and especially the one related to starting Higher Secondary Schools, involving 8.5 Crore, have been brought to your attention.

In the absence of anybody in the diocese to represent and communicate the concerns and actions of the Synod, which the bishop should have been doing, we undertake that task within our limitations of resources and authority. Even in legal matters, we are forced to intervene in the larger interest of the church, which, by the way, coin sides with that of the Synod. It is a shame that even when a bishop is present in a diocese, the Synod is put in a position to fend for itself.

Kindly find enclosed/attached with this letter a copy of the email send out by a believer who listened to the Bishop’s sermon at the St. Mary’s Church, Calicut on Sunday, February 6, 2011 during a confirmation service, which reflects the feelings of the length and breadth of the church toward the Rt. Rev. Dr. K. P. Kuruvilla.

We hope that you will take these facts into heart and act pastorally to the flock that look up to you for the badly needed solace. We pray that God will provide you the necessary wisdom and courage to act firmly to resolve this impasse. We assure you of our prayer and support.
With grateful regards,

Yours sincerely
T J John
CSI North Kerala Laity Fellowship


Anonymous said...

When a Bishop does not co-operate with the Synod in their genuine proceedings and performs totally against the constitution, the synod must throw him away without delay. Otherwise, there will be total breakdown of the functions of the diocese. The Bishop has committed historical blunders in approaching court against the constitution functions of the synod. Every one from the diocese should call the synod to expedite further action

-=Binal=- said...
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Anonymous said...
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Benjamin said...

If the people who has to take the corresponding action has not taken it. God has already done it. Time is the only matter, a few weeks, a few moths or a few years, that is all it would take. A real shameful event is very much near in the future. But when the time comes, it would be too late to regret.

Anonymous said...

Here mentioned P.I John IAS is not correct.His name is Mr. P.C John IAS

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