An update on CSI North Kerala diocese crisis to be distributed among church members on 6th February Sunday


Anonymous said...

we appreciate you for this eye opening task.
Truths are distorted and denied to the common believers by the present church authorities.
This is sad and un tolaratable and should be circulated to everyone in our churches.

Jacob Reginald, Munnar said...

Bishop Kuruvilla should quit on his own which would be better for him. Otherwise, the Synod should dismiss his without any further delay. He should practice what he preaches. As a Bishop, he would expect his subordinate presbyters to obey the instructions of the diocese. How he is disobeying and doing all the illegal activities to disobey the order of the most supreme body. Therefore the synod should dismiss him by initiating disciplinary proceedings. If not, he will do anything to keep him in power. I would request all our North Kerala members to represent the synod to act urgently.

Binal Sathyadasan said...

STOP! This is where, we the laity draw a line. I sincerely draw your attention to what God wants me to say. We are like the people, who stood ready to stone the woman who was caught in the act of committing adultery. [John 8:3-11] Aren’t we keen to bring the wrong deeds of the Bishop and some achans caught red-handed, presenting various documents and court orders that we collected? Who authorized us to do so? Are we the ones who anointed the Bishop and Achans and sent them to be our shepherds? Yes, we have to stand for truth. We did it all this time. But do we have the right to judge? Do we have the authority to point our finger at our Bishop and portray him as an evil person? Jesus says, let the one who has no sin point his finger first. Let him throw the stone. Dear Laity, we have almost cornered the unjust and evil Bishop (as we love to proclaim) by standing together for truth. Shall we draw a line here? Stop this?
I just want to bring your attention to [Romans 2:1-5][Luke 6:36,37][Matthew 7:1]. Will we escape the judgement of God? If we judge our Bishop and throw him out, our Lord will also judge us in his coming day and do to us what we do to our Bishop in the name of truth and justice. Do we think we are holy people with no sins at all? If so, let us throw the stone. We Christians have no right to judge anybody. (I believe so).
Do you think Rt. Rev Dr. K. P. Kuruvilla took charge as our Bishop by chance? Till yesterday, I did so; but now I know that it was God’s plan. Plan? For what? A few months back we were just a Binal, or a Jeevanand atten or a Carl Vijayan uncle or a T.J. John sir, who went to church every Sunday and worshiped our god personally. Now due to Bishop Kuruvilla, the three of us worship and pray together (not standing in a row, but praying with a common goal in mind) for a change.. Got it? Because of our bishop, several new groups have been formed by laymen and a sense of revival has begun. A fellowship has developed among us knowingly or unknowingly. Why don’t we be true Christians, and forgive our Bishop? Forgive all those who played behind the scenes? Mind you, only true followers of Christ can forgive their enemy. Let him do whatever evil his mind devises. But the time for Christ’s second coming is near and we don’t want our tickets to heaven cancelled at the last minute by throwing stones at our Bishop; by judging him. Do we? Think. Act. Just remember, if at all we are behaving without Christ, we are accumulating His wrath against us on the judgement day. Just forgive our bishop and be good followers of Christ. The ‘stone’ which leaves our hand cannot be brought back. Don’t sin before Jesus.
May the laity be true to its responsibilities towards Jesus and work together, spanning all over our diocese and pray for a revival. Let us pray together to be saved and washed by His blood. In our short life time, let us build a home for ourselves and for our children in heaven rather than demolishing our heavenly abode which is ‘under construction’. For the sake of our children, for the sake of our next generation church, let us forgive our enemies, whomsoever they may be.
(If you have any objections in my thoughts please feel free to contact me. God Bless Us, God bless our Diocese, God bless our Bishop and achans, God bless our Children. Let us all be there when the roll call is made to Heaven. Let us together worship and sing praises to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Amen.)
-Binal Emmanuel Robert Sathyadasan (, 9020208327)


You want the victims like laymen and vicars to forgive the Bishop.
Please write the issues and mention your recommendations how it is possible.
Firing to the thick forest is not fair.You specify.
We all are standing for truth.Let us know how the process is practical.
All are ready for a compramise.But must be viable.Mixing the spirituality with court proceedings will not be allowed.
Write brother, the issues you know and your recommendations.Otherwise no use of using biblical phrases.It will be treated as comic or stylish.

franklin said...

Dear friend,Where to stop and why to stop?Is our kpk a human being?
Please convince me.

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