The Synod and the Bishop Playing Hide and Seek (Malayalam)


Anonymous said...

Former Bishop's Secretary William Devadas proved that he had been living and serving with a blocked up heart which resisted / blocked him up from healthy affiliations.

We, innocent believers of this diocese, believe in God of justice and God of Exodus, who threw Egyptian’s army and its chariots into the sea. And the best of their officers were drowned in the Red sea.

This is a clear warning to Retched most Kuruvilla to turn away from his greedy dealings. NO doubt Kuruvilla’s end will be much more greater tragedy than this. Definitely that would be leaving a strong message for the people who lead discrepancy in spiritual sevices and looting public money. Rev/Bro.George Ninan and former Bishop experienced the flames of God’s Judgment while they were against the church. Bro. Ninan had to pay his one eye and another man stricken bodily without movements for several months and had to quit the mission before the tenure. Mr. William, soul coustodian of all those retched officers, is the modern signpost for God’s post-modern judgment. If this is the punishment against the small scale thieves, what would be your fate Kuruvilla? Thus, Anointed beast Kuruvilla you kneel down before the God with your deckling Elizabeth and confess your sins immediately. Stop falling down at the feet of the lords of this world.

Soon After the election, this nasty beggar Kuruvilla called up many elected members and confessed to them that those notorious (Harry and Roni) were the sole guilty for all ambiguities and obliterations in our diocese. He also added that he realized his faults and needed people’s support to lead this diocese by his God given talent and prayerful life.

You Cunning wolf Kuruvilla you can not make our people fool again with same tears and handkerchief trick. We know you are a wolf with violet cassock, blood sucking bat and a man having standard lower than an average drifter.
BABY Samuel

Anonymous said...

Sir,The CSI synod is facing lot of problems in connection with malpractices and corruptions.They will save KPK and his gang.You have to adopt strategies
out of the way.Otherwise you can't save the people of NKD.

Paul.T said...

They will continue with the play.We know that very well.We need news about the diocese elections.Please publish election news.we are waiting for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear CSI council members. we all are waiting for the diocesan council to meet i humbly request all the members to get together and throw out KPK and his goondas and save CSI. Let us all pray for a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD.
At last our PRAYER has been heard. For the last one year we the ELAMKULAM members were suffering because of the cunning policies of our great bishop. He did plan much earlier when he transferred a new achen to our Church for winning the council election. By the grace of ALMIGHTY GOD all his plans failed. Is he a Shepard or or a thief who has come to kill all his sheep?
He did not bother to heel the wounds of the congregation rather tried to make it big. He tried all means not to allow Elected committee (Democratically elected) cast their vote. But GOD heard the prayer of People (AVANMAR). I sincerely thank and congratulate the office bearers of Laity fellowship. May you continue to throw this evil from NKD.

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