Criminal Conspiracy and Cheating

Many good things have happened in the life of the diocese in the recent past; we are thankful to God that we have been able to restrain Bishop Kuruvilla from freely carrying out his devious designs and alienating the valuable assets of our church. We were able to stop him in his path to self-destruction and destroying our valuable assets and Christian witness. But more skeletons are falling out of the cupboard, the implications of which are far more than what we perceive on the surface. 

In an earlier post, we had brought to your attention the corruption involved in leasing out a valuable asset, a prayer hall in Munnar, to SN group. Now, we have learned that the SN group is not even paying any rent and that they are constructing another floor above the present structure without acquiring permission from the diocesan authorities.   We can only assume that they take this freedom with the silent consent of the bishop. It is learned that when this matter was taken up in the finance committee, the bishop was playing ignorant of the lease deed signed with the SN group. He signed and executed the deed; but neither do we have a copy of the lease deed to refer to nor does the bishop take any responsibility for what is happening at present. It is amply clear that the bishop alone knows the details of the deed which he had clandestinely entered into for his own pecuniary benefit and he is letting SN group benefit as per a mutually agreed design. It is important that we fix responsibility for this action and make the bishop accountable.
This is equally true of the English Bungalow in Fort Kochi. The lease agreement expired in February 2010; but no attempt has been made to retrieve the bungalow and the almost one acre of prime land in Fort Kochi, which would cost more than 100 crores as per the present value. This is also an instance of premeditated lethargy and indifference leading to someone making money at the expense of the church. These deals would cause incalculable loss and damage to the church. But who will be made responsible for this action and from whom will we recover the loss?

We cannot go on dilly dallying with these issues; we must face them squarely; and seek an inquiry into these and a number of other similar matters by an independent commission of experts. We should fix responsibility and make them accountable. Any slackness in this matter will not be pardoned by posterity. 


Rajan Chirammel said...

Sir,Bhayangaramayi boru adikunnu. e pithaavine thangal eniyum sharipeduthiyille.enikku paniyedutha kaashu kure kittanundu.enthoru sabha,enthoru pithaavu.ithu kure kashtam thanneyanu sir.

Anonymous said...

The larger issue here, besides K.P. being a common thief, is why church property in your diocese or anywhere in the Church of South India is allowed to be rented/leased? I seriously doubt the Hindus or the Muslims in your area would ever entertain the idea of renting/leasing temple/mosque property because religious land is consecrated. It is beyond belief that your diocese gleefully hands over valuable land to anyone which is something no other religion in the world would do.

If the church honestly has a surplus of land or is facing financial problems resulting in it needing to rent, sell, mortgage land, then there has to be an independent review board that inventories real estate and ensures that rents are paid, tenants uphold agreements, and that any deal is not beneficial to those signing the deals on behalf of the church.

Even if K.P. is removed tomorrow what is there to stop a future bishop or church leader to outright take away church property? You all need to create a system where church property is handled by a property manager who is independent of the bishop and who is answerable to whatever council runs your diocese.

There needs to be an understanding on exacting what the church owns, who is authorized to do what with church assets, and a control mechanism so that no one person can unilaterally do anything with church assets without approval of the diocese. If this is not done, then plan on K.P. and future people like him to rob your diocese blind.

Much like how the British nobles created the Magna Carta to limit the powers of the evil King John your diocese needs to have something to control your bishops now and in the future.

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